Southland Transit has a high level of expertise in each of the following key areas:

Deployment of high technology scheduling and dispatch systems, including global positioning and wireless communication with on-board computers to enhance productivity and service reliability in dial-a-ride and flex-route service.

We are an expert in the use of both automated paratransit dispatching and high-tech taxi dispatching systems. Our capabilities include the deployment of on-board computers to continually track the performance of drivers.

The Trapeze system, both its reservation function and its dispatching function integrated with Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) are part of the equation. While Trapeze has not had an effective Mobile Data Terminal integration with their system we have developed an efficient way to export from Trapeze to the industry standard MDT from Digital Dispatch Systems (DDS).

Feature Services


Southland Transit provides world class cost efficient operations to Transit Agencies, Cities, and other entities. We are able to provide highly skilled staff and services to benefit your riders at a fraction of the cost it is to provide the operation in-house.

Dispatch System

Southland Transit provides sophisticated dispatching systems which enables the services we provide to run much more efficiently which provides a benefit to the customers we serve.

Customer Service

Southland Transit provides Call Center and Customer Service Operations to our clients through a sophisticated environment to provide support services for agencies.