Taxi Services

Our proven Taxi-Cab model can either be deployed in entirety to provide your operations or can be used as a supplementary service for the hard-to-serve outlying trips that cannot be efficiently booked with other large group trips thus saving your agency valuable costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Southland Transit currently provides effective Taxi-Cab services on behalf of Los Angeles Access Services.

Our Taxicabs offer a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, including sedans, wheelchair accessible vans, and Toyota Prius taxi cabs. Vehicles are available for individuals as well as groups in need of ground transportation services throughout Los Angeles.

Feature Services


Southland Transit provides world class cost efficient operations to Transit Agencies, Cities, and other entities. We are able to provide highly skilled staff and services to benefit your riders at a fraction of the cost it is to provide the operation in-house.

Dispatch System

Southland Transit provides sophisticated dispatching systems which enables the services we provide to run much more efficiently which provides a benefit to the customers we serve.

Customer Service

Southland Transit provides Call Center and Customer Service Operations to our clients through a sophisticated environment to provide support services for agencies.