Southland Transit is an industry leader in providing specialized cost effective ADA Paratransit and Dial-a-Ride Services to persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Southland Transit employs corporate staff whom have re-designed and implemented Dial-a-Ride and ADA Paratransit services from a Transit Agency perspective to ensure compliance with the ADA Regulations while adhering to strict budget guidelines while not compromising on service quality. The corporate staff that have worked directly with persons with disabilities and therefore are very familiar with diverse range of developmental and physical disabilities that encompass the passenger base using our services. To ensure our passengers receive the utmost quality and care, Southland Transit provides an extensive on-going disability awareness and sensitivity training for all our operators and reservationists. Southland Transit realizes the importance that the quality of our operations mean to the people who utilize them to get to and from their daily life activities, due to being unable to use the fixed route services because of their disability. Various contracts and services.

Southland Transit also utilizes a state of the art centralized call center for dispatch and reservations at our El Monte corporate location which can be used to save agency costs by virtue of being used for

Southland Transit also realizes the high cost of providing these paratransit services on behalf of the agency. Southland's corporate staff who have direct experience managing policy and operations of ADA Paratransit services are able to see the service also from the perspective of the client agency. With that experience we are able to help the agency to design cost-effective and productive services to maximize the subsidy provided on the service. Southland's corporate staff can help you design your services by looking at a variety of service delivery options to meet the needs of your agency from a model of a completely 100% dedicated fleet to a mix of a dedicated and non-dedicated fleet depending on the service characteristics of your ADA demand.

Whether your service areas is large or small, Southland Transit can provide their valuable experience and expertise to ensure your services operate as cost effective as possible while maintaining high quality and customer service to your passengers.

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Southland Transit provides world class cost efficient operations to Transit Agencies, Cities, and other entities. We are able to provide highly skilled staff and services to benefit your riders at a fraction of the cost it is to provide the operation in-house.

Dispatch System

Southland Transit provides sophisticated dispatching systems which enables the services we provide to run much more efficiently which provides a benefit to the customers we serve.

Customer Service

Southland Transit provides Call Center and Customer Service Operations to our clients through a sophisticated environment to provide support services for agencies.