Dispatch System

TSS Wireless is a Glendale Company that began its work in transportation by developing a reporting package called ATBOS (Automated Transportation Back Office System) for one of our sister companies.

ATBOS incorporated the power of global positioning and GIS technologies to bring integrity to the business of accounting for taxi trips. Soon thereafter it was adapted to incorporate the requirements for reporting trip information for Access Services Inc. (ASI) the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Los Angeles County and the operator, through contractors, of all ADA paratransit service in Los Angeles County.

We have had over ten years of positive experience working with ATBOS and the team at TSS Wireless.

ATBOS was further enhanced over the years to incorporate user friendly mapping and analysis tools to allow transportation managers at ASI and in each provider's office to research in great detail the location of every vehicle throughout the day, and in particular before and after a reported service defect. These tools have played a major part in the dynamic improvements in ASI service over the years since the system was implemented.

As an early client and supporter of TSS Wireless, Timmy Mardirossian, Southland's President, began encouraging the company to develop an alternative to the existing suites of transportation dispatch software. He did this because most major software suites, Trapeze being no exception, run into serious problems with the complexities of heavy urban service, primarily due to the widely varying ratios between travel time and distance that plague traditional routing and scheduling software. The work that TSS did was so encouraging that Mr. Mardirossian formally commissioned them to finish the development of a fully functional routing and scheduling system.

As mentioned earlier, Southland Transit is a long time user of the Trapeze dispatch system and has used it successfully in a number of engagements. We own a Trapeze system that complies fully with the specifications of this RFP and would be willing to use that system, if directed to by the City through this process. But we believe there is a better way. We are instead proposing to provide the 5M system from TSS Wireless. In this section we will provide a full explanation of the logic behind that proposal and how it will benefit the City of Cerritos and its dial-a-ride passengers.

The TSS system has now been in full service for the Eastern and West Central areas for ASI since 2007 and has delivered performance that has allowed those areas to far exceed the performance of the other two major ASI areas, one of which schedules on Trapeze and the other on Stratagen, two software suites that are generally considered to be the industry leaders. It is this proven system that we propose to provide to the City of Cerritos and in this section we will describe the features that we believe will take the City's dial-a-ride system to a whole new level of productivity and service quality: all with 100% auditable data that has been validated through GPS/GIS technology.

Dispatch Technology

Southland Transit has become the southern California leader in using the power of automated dispatching to improve productivity for our customers. We began using the computerized dispatch system in 1997.

It is important to note that Southland knows how to optimize and use the technology in real service delivery. We have worked closely with Trapeze during our growth. Our company has a team that understands very clearly the challenges and the opportunities presented by high-performance computer assisted dispatch software and are able to maximize its benefits. The real advantage is that Southland experts are local. We have, on staff, expert Trapeze professionals. Should a problem arise in the Operations Center, an expert is not a plane ride away but right on site. Usage of the Trapeze software provides many advantages, especially improvement of the reservations process and the delivery of highly productive, on-time service.

Feature Services


Southland Transit provides world class cost efficient operations to Transit Agencies, Cities, and other entities. We are able to provide highly skilled staff and services to benefit your riders at a fraction of the cost it is to provide the operation in-house.

Dispatch System

Southland Transit provides sophisticated dispatching systems which enables the services we provide to run much more efficiently which provides a benefit to the customers we serve.

Customer Service

Southland Transit provides Call Center and Customer Service Operations to our clients through a sophisticated environment to provide support services for agencies.