About Us


Southland was founded in 2001 and has rapidly built a reputation as one of California's most effective transit companies. Southland Transit's predecessor sister company, San Gabriel Transit, Inc. (SGT), was one of the first companies to provide public paratransit services in Southern California. SGT has built a strong reputation by effectively operating some of the most difficult demand response operations in the industry. The Los Angeles ASI countywide ADA service contracts the company operates have consistently been the best performing segment of the Access Service network. The company had also performed well on multiple fixed-route and dial-a-ride engagements prior to transferring those services to Southland Transit upon its formation in 2001.

Our Philosophy

Because Southland Transit is California owned and operated, the highest levels of management and their expertise are directly available to our clients and project managers. Both the Vice President and Director of Operations regularly visit every project facility. Every member of a project staff has available to them the immediate expertise and assistance of corporate managers with the experience to ensure that the best decision is made in every instance.

Our commitment as a company is to treat every project in a unique manner that addresses the particular needs of the project. We thus emphasize availability to our clients, and a cooperative effort in addressing the clients' concerns and issues. As the corporate offices are located in Southern California, our clients have unparalleled access to not only project staff but also to corporate personnel. By choosing Southland Transit, we believe we can offer the clients the following over other propo

  1. Qualified and experienced personnel in Dial-A-Ride planning and management;
  2. Qualified and experienced personnel in Fixed Route development and management;
  3. One single turnkey operator to manage all service modes (fixed-route, Dial-A-Ride, Taxi, and Shuttle Services);

Feature Services


Southland Transit provides world class cost efficient operations to Transit Agencies, Cities, and other entities. We are able to provide highly skilled staff and services to benefit your riders at a fraction of the cost it is to provide the operation in-house.

Dispatch System

Southland Transit provides sophisticated dispatching systems which enables the services we provide to run much more efficiently which provides a benefit to the customers we serve.

Customer Service

Southland Transit provides Call Center and Customer Service Operations to our clients through a sophisticated environment to provide support services for agencies.